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A Broad Overview of Energetic Currency

color map

For my energy field guide, the topic “energetic currency” has chosen me. To get things going, I took a broad look at what energetic currency means in several different contexts. Energetic currency seems to fit into the overarching topics of ecology, biology, money, spirituality, self, and social/human relationships. I think each of these contexts could contain many systems within themselves because this topic is so amorphous and conceptual.

In the map above, I have the most broad topics in the darkest color and then lighting as the branch away from main topics. There’s a lot of interconnectedness in the connections between energy flows happening within nature, between humans, and then finally between humans + nature.

Energetic currency doesn’t seem to be a officially defined term, so I’m very curious about where the research rabbit hole will lead. I’m a little concerned about finding a reliable source for the more New Age-y spiritual energy information, but maybe that’s just part of the research.

Below is the original paper of my map.

plain map

Interesting Sources of Info

Biology / Ecology

Spirituality / Self