Temporary Expert

A Field Guide on the Energetic Currencies of New York City

lin reading by plants

I finished up my field guide and overall it was a good process. My research felt more strucutred at the beginning amd the it eventually kind of got to a point where I wasn’t keeping track as well. At this point, I knew exactly what info I needed to fill in so I would seek it out, and then just toss a link at the end of my Dropbox Paper document where I was tracking all of my research resources. Some parts didn’t really require a lot of research, and were more reflections of how I feel.

karma in the field

Other parts required that I looked deeper into academic research. Especially when learning about the carbon cycle in urban environments. It took more time to find the right resources and write a simple explanation of something that’s part of such a big interconnected system.

urban carbon pools

Marina provided a lot of solid feedback from the previous work-in-progress version. I took into account most of the feedback - more spacious margins, typos, layout changes. I wanted to extend the cover illustration across the back, but ran out of time.

lin reading final field guide

Overall, it’s not perfect, but I’m happy with how to came out. I showed it to some friends and they thought it was a fun experience. I’m glad I was able to go through the process, albeit quickly, and doing a field guide is a great way to frame a topic.