Video and Sound

A Portrait of Sara Erenthal

For the past month, I've been working with Anthony Bui, Barak Chamo, and Marco Wylie to create a ~5 minute portrait of a specialist. We connected with Sara Erenthal, who is an active artist in Bushwick. We went on multiple shoots to capture Sara in different environments. We met her at her home studio, on the street while making art, and also at a gallery opening. Things really came together when we were able to have a sit down interview and capture her story about where she started, what she's doing now, and where she wants to go with her work.

This entire process definitely opened my eyes to how much more footage is actually shot than what is shown in the final video. We probably could've used more b-roll even though we already spend a lot of time capturing. There are a few small fixes we could do to refine the pacing of our interview cuts and b-roll. Of course, through the process, we learned about how to use the Mark II and Mark III cameras, three point lighting, and the basics of Adobe Premiere. While video & sound is not likely to be my main focus at ITP in the next years, I think I have a good handle on how to use these skills for documentation and communication. I definitely still want to improve how I can create narratives when using video and sound components in my future projects.