After Effects Animation - Now with updates

Check out the animation that Max Horwich and I made in After Effects. Max also created all of the sound using Ableton!

We pulled all of our sound and visual assets from Public Domain Review. A significant part of our process included browsing through different images and then cutting them up and separating moving parts in layers in Photoshop. We drew most heavily from Ernst Kaeckel's Kunstformen Der Natur, Rhys Griffiths's article on Jean-Frédéric Maximilien de Waldeck, Ross Bullen's article on the White Elephant War of 1884, William Sharp's Chromolithographs of The Great Water Lily, and this leaf by William Henry Fox Talbot from the MET's Public Domain Collection. The main samples for the sound were from Recordings of Pygmy Music from the 1946 Ogooué Congo Mission. There are many more sources for the images we grabbed, but you can check it out for yourself on Public Domain Review.

The rest of the work in After Effects was key framing all the movements and camera moves. We used Premiere at the end to edit some of the clips and line up the audio.


Updated Version

Below is the updated version taking into account some feedback from class. Mostly about our use of moving the camera through objects too many times, which showed some lowres pixelation from our assets. We changed some of the transitions so to minimize this.