Hacking the Browser

Internet Notes - Final Chrome Extension


CLICK HERE to download the extension here! And then go to “chrome://extensions/” and drag the downloaded file into the page.

I made a Chrome extension that lets people leave anonymous notes on any website. Anyone who has the Chrome extension can see the notes. The idea is that it would be fun to randomly find little notes left by people, kind of like a digital version of writing a note in a book for someone to discover. I’m aware that because of the anonymous nature it could potentially attract trolls, but I think it’ll be okay for now with ITP users.

The image above show some messages from our lovely Hacking the Browser class that they posted on google.com! Here’s what it looks like when you are posting a message.

I used Chrome’s tabs, browserAction, and runtime APIs. I also used a Firebase database for the message information. In the rest of the post, I’ll go over the main components of the extension.