Soft Sensing

My "Beautiful" Soft Sensor

My sensor is a series of pressure sensors in a row that is designed to be able to pick up different gestures. I haven’t written more complex code to sense different movements, but the idea is that you could press in different patterns to do different things. For example, you could move your hand up/down to control something high to low. Or if you pressed and moved your hand in a specific range or pattern with varying pressures it could initiate some kind of response.

I need to work on adding features to sense different patterns in the code. Hopefully this fulfills the “beautiful” criteria. I think it looks okay, but it’s more general purpose at this stage.


Soft Sensors Class Recap

This past weekend (Sept 29-30), I was in the Soft Sensors class w/ Kate Hartman. Overall, I learned a lot and here I’ll go over what we did.

My First Soft Circuit

led soft circuit

The first thing we did was make a simple soft circuit that had a battery, conductive thread, and an LED. This was pretty straightforward and making the connections to the terminals on the battery and LED were easier than I thought it would be.