Day and Night Sunflower Stop Motion

For my first animation project, I worked with Xiran Yang and Namsoo (Vince) Kim to create a stop motion about some sunflower characters. The video is below & read on for some behind the scenes.

For this project, we brainstormed many ideas which revolved around seasons and weather - probably because it was pretty rain in NYC this week - and decided to move forward with a character that could be expressive without the use of facial expressions. The decision to use pre-existing objects (like the flowers) was definitely motivated by timing constraints and a desire to keep our process simple.

We wanted to prep our scene so we made our day/night background out of different colors of construction paper.

When shooting the stop motion, Xiran picked up some sunflowers from a flower shop and we tried different ways to pose the flower. We ended up using a wire to prop up the main sunflower while the others are just posed by hand. We shot everything in Dragonframe. We finished everything and then added the sound effects/music in Adobe Premiere.