Video and Sound

ITP Soundwalk

Earlier this semester, I worked with Jason Yung and Alan Peng to create a soundwalk that explores ITP on the 4th floor of Tisch. We finished this up on September 21 and I am posting this about a month late (sorry, Gabe!).

We were inspired by elements of Janet Cardiff's "Her Long Black Hair" soundwalk that we did before coming up with our own soundwalk. I really liked how it felt like Janet was having a conversation with you. For instance, she would have a voice be louder in your right ear as if you were standing next to them. We have elements like that and we try to keep the listener immersed.

Our process came about by recording a conversation we had of why we came to ITP and what it means to us. We also recorded some instructions on how to walk through the floor, starting in room 50, and also some meditative instructions. We hoped that our soundwalk would help to give non-ITP people an idea of what ITP is like, and also remind ITP students to think about why there are here. Hopefully this will be a nice piece to document the sounds of this space before ITP moves to Brooklyn. Here is the soundwalk below. If you want to get the full experience, go to the fourth floor of Tisch and press play next the door of room 50.