P Comp

P Comp Final - Initial Project Plan

The concept for the final project is structure that is inspired by the branching design of a tree and creates sound and lights when the user touches it. Here is the cardboard model Brandon and I are planning to bring to class for play testing.

We are planning on letting the user approach the piece with the instruction to make sound. We will observe what the user expects to happen and how they react to what we designed for this interaction prototype. Read more to see our initial plan for completing the project.


  • Nov 15: Updated BOM / Initial materials ordered. Experiment with lighting and material and have a plan for first prototype
  • Nov 21: Scale mockup completed
  • Nov 29: Prototype completed
  • Dec 6: Final structure completed
  • Dec 13: Sounds finalized, final revisions

System Diagram

Initial Bill of Materials

Item Description Cost per item Number Total costs
Led strips 1M, 60 leds per meter 6 5 30
Diffuser Acrylic 30 1 30
Capacitive breakout 10 1 10
Enclosure supplies 2 x 4 Wood 50 1 50
Raspberry pi (zero) 5 1 5
DAC hat for pi 15 1 15
Speakers Borrow? 25 2 50
Microcontroller 20 1 20
Total Cost 210