Video and Sound

Portrait of a Specialist - 1st Storyboard Idea

My team is still in the process of securing someone for our "portrait of a specialist" 5 minute mini-documentary, so in the meantime I made a storyboard of how we might get shots of one of our potential specialists, a Brooklyn street artist.

I was thinking of aspects I liked about short documentary style shows that profile someone like Chef's Table or Abstract: The Art of Design. I especially like the Abstract episode about Paula Scher. There are so many great scenes that show spaces - NYC streets, landmarks, her home/studio. The scenes where she's featured are dynamic - sketching close up, looking out a taxi, working a client meeting, running up and down the stairs at her office. And she says so many quotable things! These all work well together to tell an engaging story of both her life and her work's context in graphic design history.

Thinking about that, I created an open-ended storyboard that could be tweaked depending on who we confirm to be our specialist.

This is definitely a work in progress, and I know this will evolve as we continue to better understand our subject and the video making process.