P Comp

Update to P Comp Final - Sound House

This past week, we conducted playtesting of our cardboard prototype with Danny Rozin's class.

These are the takeaways from our classmates.

  • Most people were initially sure if they can touch prototype
  • There needs to be an indicator to prompt people to approach the piece
  • The quality of the sound & the structure's form are critical to the user's experience
  • If it's an instrument, it should have some kind of logical arrangement of how to play it
  • Different textures would create affordances for the touch points
  • The reason for the tree/branch structure is not apparent to users

Since then, Brandon and I decided change the form of our project. To create a more obvious point of interaction, we are inviting people to enter a sound house. It will be a tent structure that has two entry points on either side where two users will go into the tent. Inside there will be a musical interface where the users can play and make music together. The different sounds will trigger LEDs that on the structure to change the lighting inside the tent. Below are a few different tent ideas I had below.

We decided to go with a rectangle shape since that would allow for the most space. We measured a tall, inflexible person in sitting position (Thanks, Jim!) and decided that we would need to allow for at least a 30" x 30" x 40" space per person. The design and dimensions we decided on for the wood structure is below.

We are still working out the final details of the musical interface inside the tent. We are going to experiment with different layouts that include buttons, dials, and capacitive touch elements.  With these changes, I also updated the bill of materials.

And our new timeline is:

  • Nov 15: Updated BOM / Initial materials ordered. Experiment with lighting and material and have a plan for first prototype
  • Nov 17: Purchase large materials and begin to build
  • Dec 6: Final structure completed
  • Dec 13: Sounds finalized, final revisions